Meal Package

If you staying at Kennicott Glacier Lodge and plan on eating all of your meals with us, we recommend choosing the Room Plus Meals rate option which includes your room and three meals per person per day. These meals may either start with lunch on arrival day and end with breakfast on departure day OR start with dinner on arrival day and end with lunch on departure day.  We are happy to make you a Sack Lunch to take with you if you will be away from the Lodge during lunch time.

If you book the Room Only rate, you may add the Meal Package anytime before or during Check In for $80 per adult per night and $40 per child per night.  To get these discounted rates, you must add the meal package for all Guests for all nights of your stay.  Alcoholic beverages, snacks and sodas between meals, and dessert at lunch are not included in the package price.

Check out the Room Plus Meals rates with a room in the Main Lodge or the South Wing.